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  • Motor Auxiliar Eléctrico V-Drive HD para adaptar a cualquier silla de ruedas que cumpla unas características de medidas.
  • wheelchair 8300
  • silla de ruedas bobby Tenerife, respaldo se puede plegar, facil transporte
  • silla de ruedas bobby Tenerife, respaldo se puede plegar, facil transporte
  • Wheelchair D100
  • Silla de ruedas con ruedas grandes, autopropulsable, ultraligera, ergolite2
  • Jazz S50 wheelchair
  • Jazz S50 wheelchair

They are orthopedic wheelchairs that have wheels at the ends to facilitate the movement of people with some degree of difficulty for their displacement.

Generally when we suffer an accident, amputations or any other problem that prevents us from proper mobility, the wheelchair can be a great solution to facilitate the life of the injured.

There are different types of chairs and in Appia Orthopedics you will find a wide range of manual wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are the most common and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are usually made of steel, aluminum or carbon fiber. We can find different types:

Non-self-propelled chair

In Appia we have available the wheelchair 8300, a chair made of steel, is compact, folding and removable armrests and footrests. This model is a non-self-propelled wheelchairs, ie, you need help to be able to make the displacement.

On the other hand and within the category of non-self-propelled chairs, we find the Bobby wheelchair, our best sellers, and no wonder, this chair is fully foldable so you can store it without problem in 3 easy steps.

Self-propelled chair

The d100 wheelchair is a fully folding chair with a variety of adjustments to suit your needs, from height-adjustable handles and seat to removable and folding armrests and footrests.

Jazz S50 manual wheelchair is made of steel, a material that gives it a robust structure and ensures durability and safety in driving.

Buy wheelchairs Tenerife

Buying this chair for the displacement has never been so simple and fast. Choose the wheelchair that best suits you on our website and you will receive it at home within 24-48 hours.

But if you do not want to invest this amount of money to buy a wheelchair and then have it parked and taking up space, in Appia Orthopedics we give you the option of renting it.

Rent wheelchairs Tenerife

Now in Appia Ortopedia you can also rent the wheelchair you need for a set period of time. This is the best option when you have an injury and you will only use this orthopedic product for a set period of time.

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