Articulated beds

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  • Barandilla Abatible de cama. Cómoda de usa y segura.
  • Barandilla de cama abatible con 3 barras y orejera, evita caídas y salidas de la cama inesperadas
  • cama articulada teide
  • illico bed

Articulated beds are beds that have an electric bed base that allows movement to adjust the posture and thus improve the rest of people with certain pathologies such as swollen feet and legs, gastric reflux or improve posture in postoperative.

The electric beds have an articulated bed base and mattress that allows a large number of positions and movements.

Articulated beds

In Appia Orthopedics we have two types of electric beds for you to choose the most comfortable for you:

illico articulated bed

On the one hand we will find the Illico bed, perfect for renting because it is a bed that folds up completely in a matter of seconds and without the need for tools.

Its electric control makes it easy for both the user and the passenger to improve the position. It has a maximum load of 170 kg and handrails and grips to give the user the greatest possible independence.

In addition, available transport kit, the ease of assembly and disassembly of this bed is what makes it an ideal bed for rental because its transport is very easy.

Teide articulated bed

The articulated bed Teide has all the benefits of orthopedic beds such as providing extra comfort to theuser and can customize the position of the bed to find the most appropriate and comfortable.

It also improves the quality of sleep since the decrease of pressure in muscle, bone or joint areas that cause pain, makes the person can have a quality rest without pain(people suffering from diseases such as arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, etc.).

But, above all, what we must emphasize about the Teide bed is that it is an articulated electric bed Teide Baja due to its elevation range of 21 to 61 cm is highly recommended to prevent possible falls, such as in people with Alzheimer's disease.

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