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It becomes the smallest in space in the market. Great stability. Convertible in elevation by simply changing the arm. 30-35 cycles per full load.

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Grúa bipedestación

Si necesitas comprar grúa bipedestación, en Appia ortopedia encontrarás todos los modelos para que selecciones la grúa idónea para tu tipo de inmovilidad o dificultad.

Orthopedic lifts are designed to enable and facilitate the work of caregivers of those persons with reduced mobility, handicapped, elderly and elderly people who have lost part of their mobility.

These lifts help prevent possible injuries, facilitate the patient's postural changes and generally improve the quality of life of those who have lost part of their mobility and their caregiver.

Alquilar grúa bipedestación

Ahora puedes comprar grúa bipedestación en Appia ortopedia, tu ortopedia de confianza en Tenerife. Se trata de una grúa que transporta al paciente en posición de pie o semi-levantada, gracias al apoyo de los pies en una plataforma de la grúa y al arnés de seguridad que sostiene al paciente de forma segura durante la transferencia.

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Benefits of using a side-sliding crane

This is a lift that improves comfort and safety for both the caregiver and the user. By using a sling, the effort applied to make the transfer is minimal. In addition, the caregiver can pay more attention to the user during the mobilization, since the crane allows you to not have to make a continuous effort as it does in manual mobilizations.

When to use the sit-to-stand lift?

The main advantage of the standing crane is that it facilitates hygiene tasks by the caregiver. The position in which the patient is kept is a semi-raised position covering only the trunk area, making it easier to change the diaper or perform hygiene tasks.

How to use the bidepestation crane

1) Correct positioning of the harness

When the patient is lying on the bed: The first thing to do is to place the patient on the side and extend the sling over the bed, once this first step is completed, return the patient to the initial position (lying face up) on the sling and place the lower bands under the legs, crisscrossing them.

If the patient is seated in the chair or armchair: We will place the sling from top to bottom on the back of the user, leaning him/her slightly forward up to the waist. Subsequently, we will pass the lower bands under the legs, crisscrossing them.

2) Elevation of the person

We must bring the lift closer and lower the lifting arm and place the harness bands, the band that passes under the right leg to the left hitch and the one that passes under the left leg to the right hitch, always in the longest position, farthest from the body. Finally, we must gently raise the child to a height where it does not collide with the bed or armrests of the chair.

3) Chair approach

We must open the legs of the lift to increase the available width. Close them for transfer and finally transport the user to the chair/chair or bed.

4) Placement of the person

A) Place the person on the desired surface, chair or bed.
B) Lower the arm of the lift.
C) Hold the sling with one hand, placing in the desired position on the bed or approaching the back of the chair while descending.
D) Lower the user completely with the lift arm.
E) Remove the sling from the lift hooks and remove the sling, in the reverse way as in point 1 in the placement of the sling.

The standing crane does not maintain the weight of the patient completely, so the patient must have some stability especially in feet and legs. It is a crane specially designed for patients with mobility problems but still retain some balance and muscle mass to be able to maintain.

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