Andador Air-On Plus

Made of steel and thermoplastic. With seat, backrest and fabric basket. Rear wheels with pressure brake. Ergonomic and height adjustable handles. Foldable.


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Air on plus walker

The air on walker is an orthopedic product designed for the elderly, people with disabilities or in rehabilitation, and sometimes for children; who need support to sustain and maintain balance while walking or to provide a rest thanks to its built-in seat.

Characteristics of the walker

The air on plus walker is an orthopedic walker made of aluminum and thermoplastic. Its ergonomic handles make the patient's grip is optimal, as it allows a comfortable support that optimizes the position of the joints and the functioning of the muscles.

They are also height adjustable so that this product adapts perfectly to your height and needs.

In addition, this walker is fully foldable, which makes it easy to transport or store.

This Forta walker comes with a series of accessories: fabric basket, backrest, seat covers and wheel kit for rear legs.

air on walker VS air on PLUS

Air on

  • The Air-on Zero walker folds up easily and has a very compact folding system, making it easy to transport.
  • Its two front wheels and rear blocks make it suitable mainly for indoor and small outdoor rides.

Air on PLUS

  • Forta Air-On Plus steel walker with seat, basket and pressure brake.
  • Fixed front wheels
  • Rear wheels with pressure brakes.
  • Seat with small backrest to improve rest.

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